The EQ Such Expectations

The EQ Such Expectations

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Liner Notes: 

A ten minute write after BBQ. I''m a little disappointed in yesterdays Mercedes reveal, but I'll get over it. Heck we test drove and passed on the car we are leasing now. We have three years to research, shop, and compare (writers note: foreshadowing of future songs)


remove chords
Ukelele open Cminor tuning GCD#G

Loving our Smart fortwo EV but I confess I have longer battery range dreams

The EQ such expect ations
The EQ such expect ations

I thought EQC would be the car for me, most like our old Ford Edge to please she
Repeat refrain

EQC battery range a little over 200 miles, price over $50,000 out of my range
Repeat refrain in minor chords

Maybe we wait for the EBB or EQA, something in my price range at the end of this Smart lease
Repeat refrain

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I like the Eb slide... something I like to do myself, Bb, Ab using lower bar chord fragment on guitar. Nice sound!

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I love the warbly recording! Sounds so intimate

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what if everybody stopped writing songs about their mismatched relationships and started writing songs about their cars? would that make this a better world? i dont know, but i admire those who are helping move things in different directions. note: for the better part of the last 8 ears, a major portion of my income has been dependant upon my writing articles about automobile parts