It Doesn't Matter

It Doesn't Matter

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Liner Notes: 

Adnama17: I got the honor and privilege of hanging out with @barbara in June. We recorded this song, in one-take, on her side porch. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we are really that good. Although I'm not sure how she did two parts at once. It kinda freaked me out, but I wasn't about to ask her how she did that. I've seen the trailers for Venom...

Barbara: You know how Southerners are known for their prowess at telling tall tales? Well, I'm dubbing Adnama an honorary Southerner for these liner notes! (Except the part about sprouting another head; that part's true.)


Got to thinkin’
The other day
Got to thinkin’
‘Bout what to say to you

And then I Iooked up
Into the sky
Watched the birds
As they flew on by

It doesn’t matter
When the sky’s so blue
The trees will whisper
Their truth to you

It doesn’t matter

Got to dreamin’
The other night
Got to dreamin’
‘Bout my next flight from you

And then I looked up
At the dark sky
Watched the stars
As they drifted by

It doesn’t matter
When the sky’s so vast
The galaxies will
Shout truth that lasts

It doesn’t matter

So it doesn’t matter
When the day is done
Just gotta follow
That bright, warm sun

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I'm glad you left in all the talking. Are all those birds on your porch? Wow! Anyway, love the interplay between you two. I like the message and the way you connect it with the surroundings. I'm going to have this chorus in my head for awhile.

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i feel like im right on that porch listening to you two. good song and a fetching collab.

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Oh yeah,There was magic on that porch-{must be a hook in there somewhere}
Way to go you two

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I love the birds. I know, they are a sample / loop. You guys recorded this in an anechoic chamber, and the chatting and rustling papers are all fake.

But I also love the vocal harmonies, lovely.

I like the progression from birds to trees to galaxies, reminding us how little all of our human relationships actually matter in the time scale of the universe.

At least that's what I hear. Glad the two of you got a collab in!

lovely alround! really nice song and well performed! whoever did what where!

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Lovely, indeed--and a good reminder to keep things in perspective and focus on what's important. I like the way you guys bring this to a close. Did you dub in all those birds? Smile

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Love the easy natural feel to this and the live collab. Great to hear your crratibe forces of nature and well as pure nature in the background! Love the insight in the prechoruses.

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This was just beautiful! Those harmonies were breathtaking. The birdsong in the background so relaxing. I loved the chatter between you two also, very refreshing song!

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I can see why this is. favorite. The lyrics and music are beautiful. The harmony is lovely. It's always better when you can make something new with a person who is physically present, and the birds singing along was like a perfect icing to this wonderful cake!

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I crawled out of my sick bed to hear a Barbara/Amanda collab....glad I did. Yes, you both really are that good. What more can I say? (loved the birds too)

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I am still trying to catch up. I have made over 700 comments, but I want to do more. This is soooo good!