Are We Just Friends?

Are We Just Friends?

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Liner Notes: 

This morning's 5 minute write. I'd love to doo wop this up like the recent Georgie and the Georgettes stuff...if I can find the time I might do!


(c) 2018 Georgie Cooper
All Rights Reserved

Are we just friends?
I don’t know anymore
are we just friends
Is this where our journey ends
you know I love ya, I love ya
and I want to have ya all to myself

Are we just friends
Coz you know I want more
Are we just friends
I don’t know the score
you know I love ya, I love ya
and I want to have ya all to myself

You make me happy
happier than I have been
You make me whole
With you I am complete
No longer a lost soul
I have you and that is all I need

Are we just friends?
Do we have to pretend
Are we just friends
I couldn’t stand it if you left
you know I love ya, I love ya
and I want to have ya all to myself

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Sure, this would be awesome with a full-band, doo-wop treatment. But it's incredible as is. This version allows me to really appreciate your big, soulful vocal. And the rhythm chords are well-done, too. Would also sound great as piano/vocal.

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That bridge/middle 8 is a really nice melodic variation. Great chord progression. And as always, great melody.

yep this will probably doo wop up like others! slightly different doo wop - at the soul end of it! but really well done - particularly so quickly

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bluesy, souly, lovely big acoustic sound, i think the bedroom demo style really suits the song well, as kind of part of the story if you get what i mean, like a soliloquy alone in my room scene that could be from Grease