Walking On Clouds

Walking On Clouds

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Liner Notes: 

This is an updated version of the first song I ever composed. At the time I still had a singer, who has unfortunately moved away out of town. The majority of my songs are written with the intention of having vocals so its been frustrating to have to churn out instrumental after instrumental (due to my complete and utter lack of vocal ability) Anyway this was written about emerging from a dark period in my life and finally starting to look at things in a more positive light and seeing a brighter future ahead.


Got my feet off the ground like I'm walking on clouds problems no longer weigh

I see the new light it’s the end of the night see the last wisps of fog away

Colours are bright no more internal fight with the shadows that steal your mind

Feel the sun on my face no residual trace of emotions that kept me blind

Nowhere to run nowhere to hide go forward and don't change tack

When the good times have gone and its time to move on put your head down and dont look back

No time to dwell no time to yell put your life into gear and stay

Let your fears take a break take a bite of the cake and live to the full each day

With your friends by your side who can help turn the tide and discover the joys of life

With a smile on your face get back into the race and show that you wont back down

da da dada da da da da dada da da etc

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this is a pretty good song, especially considering it was your first effort. so who is the singer? there surely is more here on display than a complete and utter lack of vocal ability. i rather like the vocals. they put thesong across.very well.

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I agree woth above totally
i really enjoyed the vocal
great production too
loved the verse, put your head down
and don't look back

Loved it