All They Want

All They Want

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Liner Notes: 

Another song that I made for 50/90 but had decided not to post.
Went back to it and said meh why not.
Originally created the trap-ish drums and that was going to be the meat of the song with very little substance; the typical trap song.
But I ended up making it into what you hear now. Still retained that trap kind of feel but only for a bit. Sometimes I do this just to see if I can still create the sound of what is in demand case I was ever called upon to make something "current".
Back then, I didn't want to share this with this community because I feared people might frown upon me and I don't care! lol I see that the community simply isn't like that. Everyone supports eachother no matter the styles.
Not much else to say about this one.

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


Jeepers. I would post it if i could do it! Its areally nice chill piece. The pullout in the middle made me suprised! Glad you have found what a great bunch are here and a great place to develop.

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Nice tune. It has a real relaxing vibe to it. I'm glad you posted. In my head I can hear dreamy vocals over the top of it.

It does have a great "current" sound to it. Great job. I think it could fit in other "eras" as well when I think about application.

OK here you go. But first, fwiw, -- what happens is, sometimes when one reads, listens and has time, stuff flows for feedback but may hesitate until prefaced. For you, observing your work and feedback interaction inspires me to consider, analyse more if taken for what it is. I used to tell folks when I more formally taught online sometime ago... feedback is nearly 90% about the person giving, not receiving it -- you can learn allot about who is listening and being affected by your work. If they are commenting, it is actually all good, but sometimes folks don't see it that way. You'll see you only got 1% above hahhh Crazy -- there's allot I don't say anymore; I saved this in wordpad in case you did want it:

It does have a great "current" sound to it. Great job. I think it could fit in other "eras" as well when I think about application as a sync track, etc., within as, e.g. independent video/movie applications who may want "more than", within scene backing music.

As far as not posting "stuff", -- the best thing you can do is post; -- well, as you may see I do with my "delete/keep"? tracks. Get feedback. For me, -- It is so helpful to either see for myself under the pressure of posting my work as others may, or find out what folks may react to. There were two tracks I would have deleted and put the lyrics in a scrap pile, archived the sound file. Now gladly, I won't, -- I even found the "sub-text" meaning in a very cryptic factual song I would have not have otherwise by posting. Now :i: like the song more than being "haunted" by it, so to speak.

I even went through a period where, locally, everything I did was "krappe"... I knew it wasn't. Rarely is stuff anyone does total pure krappe. Actually, within that circle, -- the reality was they were concerned with how they may get pushed out, -- within that "situation". -- Figures, aye? Crazy

Not only is your work good, it's very good, innovative, creative in, -- creative ways (artistic). Consider that I am "seen" (?) as a 1v1g (one voice, one guitar) demo type... however, that's just for these demos, or any demos. "Demos" truth be told, research it, --most are 1v1g, see willie nelson, kiss, lennon, zep, g&r, hendrix, jack white, etc.

Guessing at what may have been an issue? (you don't specify, so I'll guess) ... today, anyone can pull up a full orchestra, and helicon vocal chorus pitch correction a "song". Some of it may even sound "radio ready". But how many "songs" can one listen to like that? It does have it's purpose, -- undeniably, it does. However, your work is not anywhere near associated to that "issue" if that's what it was (as issue), and if one thinks it is. Absolutes in any direction are never valid in the "Arts". And yes, I think most folks here, -- do know the difference. Or, as happens, they'd likely just say nothing versus the opposite. I'll leave it there since I know I am on the verge of getting to long.

However, you surely know this feeback is not just a "sounds good like it" click-comment. Not that, that, is not a good thing, -- but we do need to explain what that means every now and then. I see more folks providing the explanation part not fearing providing authentic useful "feedback-comment" explanation.

-- For me, if someone says, "sounds good, like it", I need to know I can believe that. (Otherwise, useless) For me, that is why I ask total strangers from 4 time zones away, different cultures, different countries that I will never meet, -- "what they think" and whether they "like" my genre or not. Anyone can, as I say, (not being fond of Opera), comment on a good opera when they hear it, -- liking it does not make it "good/bad". ("That", would be "idiotic" Crazy ) Total strangers having no attachment at all can provide the most valid authentic feedback. I hope some indie movie maker finds your stuff; me, again for me, -- I'd give it away in lue of payment later if sold, picked up by amazon, netflix, etc., unlimited mechanical/stream, single use lic'g.)

-- derUgo!

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I pay so little attention to music that I don't even know what you're talking about when you say "typical trap song." This is lovely and hypnotic. I like the ethereal intro before you start entrancing us with that drum/guitar groove. I love the guitar motif. The vocals are sweet. I enjoyed it twice