The church has fallen

The church has fallen

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The church has fallen (Feat. Roddy as the Priest)


Liner Notes: 

In my attempts to not take parts this year the town of The headless soldiers is growing bigger and in this one @roddy kindly lended me his voice as the priest . Thank you!


1, The church bell has fallen
But at night we still hear it sing
Twas tthorned in thousand pieces

Jet every night it rings
The priest was burned to ashes
When darkness came along
But from towns highest mountain
The prayers still growing strong

Fall on your knees
Beg poseidon please
Fall down and pray
To see another day

2, The church is no longer
In this reckless town
And from the ashes
a girl in a sparkling gown

FAll on your knees
Beg poseidon please
Fall down and pray
To see another day

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I love it! Great use if the spoken word? Then the pretty music and then the main course! Only thing was i wanted more!

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Roddy does a fine job as the priest, but I wish he were speaking Latin. Another fine ghost story, told with maddie's incomparable verve.

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Cool stuff, Roddy the Priest kicking things off very nicely. Praying to poseidon! For deliverance from this evil church.

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For thy is the power to make good music. Very creative. Loved the song, video and the priest. Very atmospheric and a good job.

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I love the production of your stuff. This one is especially good. I love Roddy's recitation. Your harmony/vocal doubling. The instrumental swell at the end got me really excited and I hope we were going into a bridge, and then it ended and I was really sad! You know you've sone something awesome when people get sad that it's over.