Wishing I Had Niobium Tungsten (Time To Stop At The Charging Station)

Wishing I Had Niobium Tungsten (Time To Stop At The Charging Station)

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Liner Notes: 

Kind of stuck feeling meh about my list of electric vehicle song ideas this weekend. I went to a local show last night where the guitar player broke the fourth string on the first song of the first set, then broke the third string on the first song of the second set. That left him with EAxxBE or an open E4 tuning. Thought I would give that tuning a try, without breaking strings. Since I had no exciting to me ideas I went for a science-y nerdy one about electric vehicle battery technology research that would appeal to @metalfoot and maybe one other person. To make it more I decided to make part of my travel journal from yesterdays trip into a song. I may end up with an EP's worth of niobium tungsten battery songs at this rate.


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Wishing I Had Niobium Tungsten (Time To Stop At The Charging Station)
Open E4 tuning EABEBE

Verse 1
[E4(Em7add11)] 100 percent charge heading north on U.S. 41
Picking up my wife from a [E26(A)] week at the [E4(Em7add11)] grandkids
[Emaj7(B/A)] Write songs, do the laundry, feed the cat while [E26(A)] she has grandma fun
[E4(C/A)] This trip is a [Emaj7(B/A)] bit out of [E26(A)] range

Verse 2
[E4(Em7add11)] Passing Punta Gorda at 65 percent 25 miles behind me
Including a stretch of [E26(A)] 65 mph highway [E4(Em7add11)] passing cow pastures
[Emaj7(B/A)] Windows open top down [E26(A)] in September
[E4(C/A)] Woodmere Park [Emaj7(B/A)] 35 percent [E26(A)] I say

Time to stop at the charging station
The Plugshare app has them all mapped out
The battery needs fresh electrons
Two hours to repopulate the graphite oxide anode
Wishing I had niobium tungsten
So this trip would go [E4(Em7add11)] faster

Verse 3
[E4(Em7add11)] 100 percent charge again going north on U.S. 41
Passing through downtown Sarasota [E26(A)] all the used car dealers [E4(Em7add11)] lots of internal combustion
[Emaj7(B/A)] Test drove a Smart there once [E26(A)] it wasn’t as much fun
[E4(C/A)] Reaching the destination [Emaj7(B/A)] pick up my wife in this convertible [E26(A)] and again

Repeat Chorus


[G4(Gm7add11)] Toshiba is developing a lithium ion battery with niobium tungsten in [F#4(F#m7add11)] place of [G4(Gm7add11)] graphite
[F#4(F#m7add11)] While the technology is a few years away a guy can dream
[E4(Em7add11)] Until then for every hour I drive it’s

Repeat Chorus

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like reading a music theory book - all those chords i didnt know! but i was ok when i realised we were back on the cars! particularly those non emission ones

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I love any song that requires research! The research is sometimes the best part of the process! Also, bonus points for the phrase "grandma fun." I adore that phrase. The chords were really interesting. Mandolin and ukulele don't really do much with alternative tunings. I should research alternative tunings for them sometime.