I Can't Take It No More

I Can't Take It No More

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Liner Notes: 

Delved through my drum sounds to find some old school snares and kicks; found these and made the straight up 90s beat.
Found that vocal sample and fixed it up to match...I LOVE that sample for some reason...its got that soul.
Put that atmospheric long vocal under it then added some bass and that pad.
Made the intro after the base song was down, and added that little movie dialogue sample.
Filled in some layers on top of other sounds.
Found another vocal sample and made it way in the back and hardly heard.
Then I felt like ending it with a twist, so I found some of my 8bit-ish sound banks.
Mimicked the main beat but used 8bit drums...did the same with the original pad and bass. Faded main stuff out, faded 8bit stuff in.
And...yeah. That was that.

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Excellent orchestration, great mix, eq, dB, all. Great work, -- again Music 2

What might have been cool, if OK to sample, no CR issue, -- "in the air tonight" drum intro riff, as the -- end! Crazy

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Great hip hop feel - love the false start pauses and hownit builds and delivers ! Refreshing and fun.