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Liner Notes: 

Ballard type.


Memories were made for me
Memories you and I shared
Memories they remain
Memories that's the way its supposed to be

These tears I for you I no longer cry
Without you I am not gonna die
Only I can't help still lovin you
Or missing you
But i can be without you

Now I'm feeIing back were I used to be
Being alone and free
Movin on from you
I'm stronger then I was before
Calling this closure

Your a part of these memories
Haunted by memories of you
My memories of lovin you
Memories that haunt my dreams
Memories only now I'm over you

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Bittersweet memories after a break up. Sometimes they come back at the weirdest times. A sound or a smell, maybe a phrase. For a second I go back in time. Thanks for sharing this

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I like how this comes 180 degrees from a longing and sadness to acceptance and resilience. So honest and heartfelt in the relatable sentiment that you share.

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This has a flowing nature to the lyric. I imagine any music would follow that. It has a good hook in memories and the lyric paints an acceptance developing of the memory. Nice work.