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Liner Notes: 

metalfoot: Another collab between @AndyGetch and myself dealing with two of our favourite topics:
Niobium and Electric cars. Andy wrote the words. I wrote the music.

AndyGetch: Super musicification by @metalfoot!


Niobium tungsten
Rigid open crystalline structure
Tested Nb16-W5-O55 and Nb18-W16-O93
Pulsed-field gradient
Nuclear magnetic resonance

It’s a superconductor, a superconductor
It’s a superconductor, a superconductor

Niobium and tungsten are heavy atoms
Tungsten is 1.74 times the density of lead
Compared to conventional graphite anodes
But can store a similar charge per unit weight

Repeat Chorus and fade

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nice! only a dim idea of what it all means, but hey, you both were having fun creating this, i bet...

nice repeating at the end, super job on the super conductor!

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Waking in a pain pill fog/pain pill insomnia fog and listening to this woke me right up! Love it guys

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Congratulations on singing and pronouncing those verses. The chorus is surprisingly catchy.

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looking forward to an entire album of songs about electric cars. it is virgin territory and you could make a cottage industry out of it.

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Unique and creative. But most of all sounds like both had fun writing the lyrics and singing them.
I like this because of the subject matter and how its was put to a folksy tune.
Quite clever.