Ohio in my Pocket

Ohio in my Pocket

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Liner Notes: 

Tape 4 from the four-track tape collaborations

@Valerie Cox - drums
@marvsmooth - guitars
@standup - vocals, lead guitar
@pfoo - synth

Standup: There's a huge sigh between the end of the rock tune and the meditative guitar/synth bit. That's me, I thought I was done. I did vocals with a guitar amp cranked up nearby, so I could play lead bits when I wasn't singing. My parents are both from the NW corner of Ohio, and though I never lived there, I have spent a lot of time in Ohio.

Marvsmooth: Val e-mailed the drum track to me, which I then placed onto track one, and it seemed like a fabulous rock drum track to me, so I plugged my Ibanez electric into my little portable Fender guitar amp, cranked all the way up, and went for it! I think I slightly changed the tone for the melody bit at the end, which I did as a “punch in”!


Got Ohio in my pocket
I'm walking down the street
got a little bit of Cleveland
for everyone I meet
Farm animals
industrial waste
got a little something
for every taste

all you spies of Indiana
I see you creeping around
but you can't take what I found

Ohio in my pocket
rolling soybean fields
spaghetti in your chili
no, for real

got Ohio in my pocket
I'm a walking county fair
14 kinds of pie
for those in despair

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This turned out fantastic! What a great thing to do and make it come together so well! Super good rock!

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Any song that comments on Cincinnati Chili is fine by me! You nailed Ohio with the county fair, the Chili, soybeans, industrial waste, farms - I only lived in Ohio for a few years but spent a lot of time there when I lived in Michigan doing DNA expert witness work in courts so traveled through the state a bit! I like the energy and the homespun garage band feel to this. All the parts rock together well' Kudos, all!

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Hooray for another four-track done! Hilarious lyrics. I'm getting a Black Keys vibe. All the instruments have a lot of presence and I like how they weave around each other. Only now I wish I had pie.

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As a part Buckeye, part Hoosier - I quite enjoyed this one. Cool collab

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I like these long-distance band collabs. My favorite part of this is that fuzz guitar, which just wonderfully crunches along. Clever lyrics and nice garage band sound!

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This has the dirt and grunge of a garage...in Ohio! lol
The atmospheric synth and guitars, the genre-perfect vocals, drums...all of it just works. It just works. And sounds great.
And I LOVE the sigh with the vamp...seriously. Its like, "(Sigh)...There, that'll show those Hoosiers.."

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I love the combination of the rocking guitars and drums and the more wistful feeling of the synth and vocal. Really worked out well, this one!

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Great fun! Now that I've done a few of these 4 tracks, I can really appreciate the work that goes into them! Great sound!! I enjoyed the listen!

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Lots of 4 track goodness in this little package. You guys have a hit formula here. It sounds like you are already out there on the road. That has to be the best outro I have heard all Summer.

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one of the noisiest tracks ive heard in alongtime. i love 4 track casette psychedelia. especially when each part is this good yet still rough and lively.

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Yeah!! Way good---Great collab; Kudos all atound

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tongue in cheek song: I love it: can't take what I found

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I swear to Zeus I commented on this song, but there's no check on any of your pages. I really like this song. I lived in OH for 5 years... 1 outside of Cleveland and 4 in Bowling Green. As a NYer it was a bit of culture shock, but there were parts of it that got in my blood, and sometimes I even miss it. You manage to capture the good and the bad here. I really love it. I like the industrial sound of the music, and "spies of Indiana" is such a great line!

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a glorious romp! i like the raw drums and guitar and the breakdown at the end.. the sigh is perfect Smile