Dragon Meat

Dragon Meat

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Liner Notes: 

I've been working on a process to more quickly get sheet music and a backing track for my songs.

This track is random, but based upon the structure of some lyrics, a key assignment, and a chord progression. That gave me sheet music and a MIDI file, which I could then import in to LMMS to create what I have here.

Making it work for the lyrics I started with requires some additional work, but it is nice that even the baseline stuff is reasonably interesting.



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very interesting. interested in knowing some more sometime. its a good backing track

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First off...LMMS... I kept seeing that in your liner notes and finally looked it up. Wow. Free music workstation?? Definitely bookmarked. I've also passed that on to some family members who are curious about making music.
Anyway - I had this on as I browsed that and sent the messages. The chords and melody...the sounds used for them blend nicely in my headphones. I enjoy the vibe of those kinds of sounds.
This reminds me of main menu music for a video game of old, something I'd just sit and listen to while not even really doing anything with the game...just enjoying the music.
Yeah, I like this...