Up In Flames

Up In Flames

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Liner Notes: 

Really great prompt! I love writing about fire!!

Lots of vocal flubs as I look directly at the lyrics on my screen and somehow manage to sing something else!!! :/


Up In Flames
September 01, 2018

when we could not find our answers
climbed aboard the great white train
we stopped asking any questions
watched our lives engulfed in flames

when we tried to find a reason
pumped raw fire in our veins
held each other in the darkness
while our world went up in flames

at the end of conversation
a simple truth remains
we felt desire
we lit the fire
and it all went
up in flames

when you feel your time is slipping
and you're drowning in the rain
you can lie down by the fire
as your life goes up in flames

at the end of conversation
a simple truth remains
we felt desire
we lit the fire
and it all went
up in flames

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Oh, John, what a gorgeous, poignant song. So beautiful, sad, nostalgic, regretful... Love it. Your lyrics, singing and playing are so moving, beautiful and unforgettable.

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Quite lovely vocals and music and such a somber story. Excellent skirmish write John. I love this.

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What a melancholy heartfelt story so rich and deep. Tugs at the heart. Really well written and powerfully delivered.

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Now that's a dark story my friend. No doubt about what happened here. Well done.

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Really well crafted lyrics and music. You have a knack for writing poignant heart-felt lyrics, and the music is always wonderfully wedded to the words. (that was quite alliterative of me) Wink

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I love the way that guitar moves this along. Vivid lyric, too. And, of course, it's always a pleasure to hear you sing

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Beautiful stuff. The balance between the guitar and vocals is delivered perfectly. Great lyrics as always! Great stuff, John.

Love the song, you add so much emotion to it. Nice writing love the melody and lyrics.

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Beautiful picking, and your voice is perfectly suited to the dark feel. The symbolism is open-ended enough for me to imagine this being about a relationship with a person or a substance, or both.

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You really do great work! So dark and beautiful. The hook is really good. That's going to be stuck in my head for a while now.