Black River

Black River

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Liner Notes: 

I had a dream last week, drifting in a boat in an underground river, surrounded by the ruins of an underground city. I used that imagery and came up with a story around it.

I also got a new pedal that lets you get guitar feedback on command at any volume. No more loud amps and angling the body just right to get the guitar body resonating. Though that's fun too.


When you left I followed
looking for a ghost
I still hear a whisper
your softly mocking toast
I look for footprints
footprints in the dust
haunted by the things
I loved about you most

Black river underground
shattered stone and echoes
I drift alone
I drift alone

this dark channel
runs its course
in and out of shadows
dripping with remorse
you're just a memory
living in my head
the expanse in between
the living and the dead

I'm not trying to find you
you'd break my heart again
I believed you loved me
that belief I must suspend

Deep dark passage
empty halls
I drift, I swim
I may crawl
I travel this boundary
in the deepest darkest black
losing the thread
my memories collapse

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You told a great story here and it is really cool how you took an unusual dream and ran with it to make such great lyrics.

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Great imagery in this! Takes us on an emotional journey....tormented and haunting as it is....and carries us away and then comes thru it all beating down the memories....or at least that's what I took from it. Nice, rich musical atmosphere too! Well done.

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Yeah. I like that. Sometihng a little different

good dream.Wish I could remember mine

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listening to this outstanding track, i was thinkng about the differences between the psychedelic music grew up with and the psychedelic music today. the main difference seems to be in chordal echoes rather than reverb soaked lead guitar fantasias. this is really dreamy and eerie,i like how the dissonace crashes in toward the end

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Beautiful. I found myself in the story, and the dreamscape rendered as much with sound as imagery. I love the release of the chorus and the feeling of being surrounded by echoes.

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The atmospheric sound suits the dream quality very well... I like that second verse quite a bit. And the idea of being on the paths of the dead. This is the type of lyric I like.

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I was just listening to the Beatles last night and thinking that I need to use more and different chords and get more psychedelic every now and then. So I'm glad I'm hearing this awesome song of yours for inspiration!
It's trippy for sure, and mysterious in both lyric and music, but also soothing and comforting and a wonderful early-morning listen.
If I had an electric guitar, I'd be looking for interesting sounds like what you create.