Let It Go (1:17)

Let It Go (1:17)

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I've wasted so much of my time thinking about how much time I have wasted
I've wasted so much of my life thinking about how much of my life I've wasted

let it go
let it go
free your mind and let it go
all your troubles
will come to an end

let it go
let it go
free your mind and let it go
all your problems
will come to an end

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Super funky groove to this and a great lyric to go along with it

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The first line is classic and so relatable to many I'm sure! I especially like that musical interlude at about the halfway mark and at the very end. Very cool!

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I really like that wobbly detuned lead instrument! Lyric is concise and relatable, good work!

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I dig that zig-zaggy lead. The whole piece is rather groovy, and I'm liking the minimalist feel you brought to it.

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I noticed the emphasis on drums this year (if I'm correct, I'm not sure). It's sounding really fresh. Nice use of that lead instrument Vom Vorton mentioned, it's ear candy!

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Really nice lyrics.
Another great headphone mix.
Those little instrumental breaks are aces; so nice!!
I surely do love your tunes.

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Is there something like exuberant minimalism? Your short gems are filled with all sorts of nice details. I like that!
And yes: the first line is classic

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Oh yeah, the drums - fun! And the opening two lines - excellent, and love the panned parts there. There is some kind of fuzz thing towards the end that really complements and gives a deeper sound.

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That eerie wobbly synth is like mocking the determination and optimism of the chorus, reminding that freeing your mind is not so easy after all. I like that fact that there are so few words in your songs and that you put more effort on the production and music. That is something I'd like to try sometimes. Great stuff.

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Hilarious. I waste my time thinking about how much time I have wasted. Very much a sinkhole.

I love that cheap electro drum sound in the beginning, and the sounds are really great. Nice dynamics, the flow from instrumental section to instrumental section, flipping from a full ensemble to the warbly keyboard that closes things out.

Very engaging, fun listen.