Quit Fooling Around (1:56)

Quit Fooling Around (1:56)

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I know you're not a vestal virgin
it's Friday night every night of the week
it's been so long; you didn't call, you didn't write me
stop playing hide and seek

Quit Fooling Around
Quit Fooling Around

end this planless living
it's never too late too choose
pick yourself back up (pull yourself together)
and end this show of bad news

Quit Fooling Around
Quit Fooling Around

I'll take you home
give you a bath
clean your back
we'll have a laugh
we'll have a wine
and some dine
you'll sleep so well
under my spell

why should a woman like you
waste her life on men like them
tomorrow looked a lot better yesterday
cut the drama while you can

Quit Fooling Around
Quit Fooling Around

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Ferry Colyer's picture

Catchy tune, as always. I really like those lyrics. I especially like the line 'you'll sleep so well under my spell'.

Fuzzy's picture

Really really nice.
I'm so happy to hear some new music from one of my favourite FAWMers.
I love your twisted pop sensibility.

headfirstonly's picture

This reminds me once again how effortless you make the whole process of delivering a song sound. So many lovely little curlicues and embellishments, yes, but the underlying song is a thing of beauty.

Might I humbly suggest changing "planless" to "aimless"?

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Wow, that is great! The chorus is fabulous.

Great song Good

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Great work as usual! I really like the little fuzzy electronic beeps in between lines of the verses.

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Another perfectly produced post-indie retro-pop gem. Chorus is really good. It's catchy and full of longing, kind of sad almost, but it fits the lyrics. Those two "noisy" synth patches, one in each ear, add a creepy and a bit aggressive tone to the whole.

katpiercemusic's picture

This is infectiously fun. I love the production that you put into this. I have the chorus stuck in my head right now.