Don't Make Me Block You (1:56)

Don't Make Me Block You (1:56)

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You pretend that you're busy
but you're not doing anything
Except dropping the monkey
on somebody else

There is a village somewhere
Missing an idiot
Does this ring
a jarring bell

Don't Make Me Block You
I hate to see you go
Don't Make Me Block You
Stop this miserable show

You cut the fun out of things
Rubbing people the wrong way
Stop talking for a minute
Listen to what others say

We're moving in circles
Don't try to hold me down
There is more than meets the eye
Stop playing a dumb clown

Yeh right, like that's gonna happen anytime soon

Don't Make Me Block You
I hate to see you go
Don't Make Me Block You
You reap what you sow

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Very cool retro sound! And so relevant-I have had to block some people-sadly. Nice!

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There's a village somewhere missing an idiot - love the line! Great

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the opening reminded me of fine young cannjbals and the english beat. then the vocals came in and the sound was totally original. the chorus is ultra cool.

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Isn't it sad that there's a whole genre of songs about trolls now? I love the sound of this one. The sax opening and then the sparse instrumentation... organ and cymbal. It builds nicely. Love the vocals on this too!

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That sax riff, though. And man - that line about a village missing an idiot...I spat out my tea! Great line; really sets the tone of the song, I think. And as usual, your production makes me rethink what I'm doing in my own lab.

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I don't know what "dropping the monkey" means, but it's a great phrase anyway!
Wonderful production and headphone mix.
I really enjoyed the harmonies.
The sax was a killer for sure; so nice!
Your sense of humour is fantastic.

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I’m joining in the praise for that great saxophone in here!

Great chords and instrumentation as ever, and the lyrics and vocal are brilliant!

Great song Good

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I like the different sounds and all the little sonic details. Chorus is catchy and there is even a contemporary message there too. Just wonderful stuff.