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Liner Notes: 

Discovered that there's a preset on Superior Drummer 3's core library labelled "Collins Kit" and that led to this...


Although I lie in wait for sleep to come
It slips and slithers out of reach
The pills and booze I use to make me numb
Awareness finds the slightest breach
Its grip as certain as a leech


I try in vain to find a remedy
To help me sleep, perchance to dream
I find unconsciousness eluding me
I close my eyes to drift downstream
It's not as easy as it seems


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that drum beat certainly is as unsettling as a night awake. i love the slow ebb and flow of your lyrics as you sing them, you voice carries the fear of sleeplessness like a heavy burden,

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Words we have all felt and I love the music you put with the words. Great song

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love the slow build, i like the last line of each verse turn. love the reverb yet the close up vocals, like a warehouse of sleeplessness