A Moment of Calm

A Moment of Calm

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Liner Notes: 

A simple instrumental with bell percussion and synth lead

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Lovely stuff. A bit Boards of Canada, a bit Eno's "Bell Studies for the Clock of the Long Now." Something to drift away to; you need to make a ten-hour mix of this one. Smile

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thank you for this moment of calm. as headfirstonly suggests, give me a ten hour mix and i might be able to get a full night's sleep. gorgeous as it stands, i can hear a lovely piano tiptoeing across it.

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Love those bells. This is definitely relaxing, which is strange, since I don't normally find brassier buzzier timbres relaxing. I like the 2 chord structure and the balance too. I feel better!

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I just listened to your Tainted Love cover and thought I'd check out one of your originals. Glad it was this one - a great morning-to-myself chill song!
Pretty and contemplative. Melancholy in a nice way - just enough tug at the heart.