Things you get to give away

Things you get to give away

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Liner Notes: 

this one verse was inspired by something I heard someone talk about earlier today while making a (rare for me) visit to our local synagogue.
A little 'we could all use- and me maybe most of all'- inspiring life advice perhaps, as it were.

to the extent I'm assembling an album from the 'best' of this season's songwriting (something I probably will do), this would be the last track, i think.


Of all the things I’ve learned and forgotten
This might be worth repeating every day
Its not the things you get to take
But the things you get to give away

(c) M. Skliar 2018

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Sometimes it's the things that take you away, -- that demonstrate the difference. At the Temple, someone gave God, whom took them "away"; and became something you got to take away, and then give away here. Ironic, aye? Music 2

-- Music, gotta luv'it! Crazy

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i've found there/s nothing worth taking in this world. what we need goes right through us and back into the earth. phil ochs said, "the losing of lovers was all i was learning'....had he lived longer, he would have known that life is all about the losing of everything. the only thing that remains is what you have given away. this will make a nice coda for your album, or you could write some verses and use it as a chorus.

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Lovely. My father always said this too. Great short sweet tune

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Oh, I like that guitar bit right from the start. And yeah, this has a feel of a very nice final sentiment from an album... maybe a more complete form of the Nilsson last tracks? And, of course, the message is simple but very apt.

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Gosh! That was short! Loved the insight in the lyrics and the awesome strum-pick pattern. Sounded great

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This could be the "The End" on your next album. I really like the words and music, and I love the understated vocal delivery. While this stands on its own, this could be the seed for a longer song too, maybe just more wordless music ....

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Sometimes a supershort song does everything it needs to do in less than a minute. You sang this in a lower register than usual. The gravel worked very well for you.