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Liner Notes: 

Because of the science and space angle on a love song I asked @dsweidel if I could put these lyrics to music and she graciously agreed.


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Lyrics by Deanne Sweidel
Baritone guitar tuning down a fourth BEADF#B
Guitar chords : B(E) - o221oo; C#(F#) - 244322; D#addb3b6(G#addb3b6) - 4665oo; D6(G6) - 3554oo; C#add11(F#add11) - 2443oo; Cmaj7addb5(Fmaj7addb5) - 1332oo; A(D) - xxo232; G(C) - x32o1o; F#/E(B/A) - xo444o; E(A) - xo222o;

[B(E)] Billions of stars
Held together
By [C#(F#)] gravitational

Shining their light
Always together
Nothing causes
A distraction

[D#addb3b6(G#addb3b6)] Like the stars in a galaxy
[D6(G6)] To each other we gravitate
[C#add11(F#add11)] And our toxic love shines
[Cmaj7addb5(Fmaj7addb5)] Bright like the sun radiates

Billions of moments
Held together
By a gravitational

In the black hole
Dust and dark matter
Pulling each other down
Into beyond


[A(D)] We’re headed for
Our personal Big Bang
Our [G(C)] universe collapsing
No amnesty

[F#/E(B/A)] The lies poisonous
Pulling us apart
Destroying [E(A)] our love
Our galaxy


Billions of stars
Letting go
It’s time they
Drift apart

Billions of stars
Float away
Like the pieces
Of our hearts

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I like the lyric, it has that big picture feel reinforced by the grand images. It's a very good angle to write from. And I like the downward chord progression and the finger picked guitar. It seems to work well with the nearly spoken vocal.

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i wish i had had you as a singing science professor. you would make it so easy to memorize the facts.

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That picking along with the spoken word vocal create an almost hypnotic effect. I didn't expect this to be a song about toxic love. That's a great image and metaphor--this notion that we're pulled by the forces of physics, for good and for ill, I suppose. I like the idea that there can be radiance even in toxic love. I think you've really nailed the idea that a relationship hangs together in a delicate gravitational balance which can, of course, be disrupted, sending everything flying apart

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Wow! what an ending.
Beatnik whaoooes... on a universal subject
Expansive, unimaginable, and then...
Bam... "like the pieces of our hearts"
Beautifully done... Great Collab

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Interesting and unexpected turn the lyric takes. I like the directness of the words.
The music makes total sense for the words - ethereal, melancholy. Sounds like someone singing and playing under the night sky.