Run To You

Run To You

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Liner Notes: 

Found a recently released vocal sample pack on Splice today that I was really feeling.
Used a bunch of vocals from that.
But first I made that really simple beat.
Then I added all the synth stuff just layering them.
Lastly, decided I liked the little spoken word poetic stuff, and put it in.

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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love this down tempo female trance vocal stuff,if that what this is. you did an ace job of selecting, layering, and mixing all the elements here. very cool listening.

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I like the sparse musical accompaniment and how you layer it and build it a little. All the vocals work for me.. the spoken bit as well as the sung bits.

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What you used was nice. As usual, you did a great job putting it together.

Did you think about adding your own voice as the spoken track instead? Wink

this is right in your zone. youve captured this style so well!

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Really good song. The music elements you've put together really accompany the vocals perfectly. This is a highly engaging but relaxing piece of music and I really enjoyed listening to it. Well done.