Nothing Is Forever

Nothing Is Forever

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50/90 Song #29 “Nothing Is Forever”

Liner Notes: 

Tuning is DADGAD again. It's just a DADGAD kind of day.

I have this week off so I'm trying to bang out as many of these as I can now before my teaching schedule gets crazy...


You were right all along
In this life we get one chance
And in a flash, then it's gone
No one dares play the fool
We don't know what a beautiful mess
We all get to do

Nothing is forever
That's all we know
We start at the bottom and end up wherever we go
But we can only go up
We get a little closer and nothing's ever enough

I've been here before
It's just a place to rest
It is nothing more
Sometimes it's too much
Sometimes you've gotta stay down
And never budge

Nothing is forever...

We can start over again
We get some time
And it only ends when it ends
Until then, oh, until then
We can make the world a better place
Than it's ever been

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Lovely picking, and that guitar sounds so resonant in DADGAD!

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Sounds great. It has a hint of Mississippi John Hurt in the picking and the verse melody. Just a hint, mind you. But it sounds good.