Watching The Twisted Puppet Show

Watching The Twisted Puppet Show

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Liner Notes: 

This is about as close as I get to a political song. I was twiddling with an different tuning on my Epiphone Biscuit resonator and these words spilled out.


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Watching The Twisted Puppet Show

The political environment of anger and divisiveness just makes me sad
Polarized opinions, fake news and alternative facts
Serving as a distraction from society’s deepest problems
It’s like watching a twisted puppet show and I’m trying not to get mad

All I want to do is live sustainably so my grandkids have something left
Energy to live food to eat and breathable air
Instead south Florida is sinking into blue green and red tide
It’s like watching a twisted puppet show and I’m trying not to get mad

So I buy electric cars install solar panels
Reduce, reuse, recycle as much as I can
Changing the world in me but I’m just one man

I’m ignoring the politics and focusing my actions
Not gonna get pulled in to any political factions
Digging deeper to resolve my part in society’s deepest problems
Gonna stop watching the twisted puppet show and start making electric traction

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I like twisted puppet shows. This world is nothing like twisted puppet shows. Twisted puppet shows are more self aware. I really like the perspective in this song and the "focus on something we can do" sentiment, Nice job on the sparse guitar too!