Relic from a different time (Konigsburg Blues)

Relic from a different time (Konigsburg Blues)

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Liner Notes: 

Not sure at all how I feel about this one. It's written about a very specific subject, about which I have somewhat mixed feelings. Somehow this seemed to want to write itself, however, and i'll have to see how I feel about this one down the road. Curious what folks think of it, tho?


There is an old comic getting long in the tooth
Who grew up in the era of gin and vermouth
But these days ‘me too’ has brought a different truth
Those sexist lines have gotten stale

I for one still thought that it would be a soft landing
A reminder of what we are and are not now demanding
Maybe a thank you for being the last man standing
But instead it’s the last coffin nail

Kicked out of town for suspected old crimes
A relic from a different time

In the old days he was on magazine covers
And starlets and intellectuals would all hover
Whispered on page six, ‘who might be his lover?’
And the work it kept on growing

At awards shows he was nowhere to be found
Hiding in a jazz club making retrograde sounds
Slouching on the streets, floppy hat, head down
With those creative juices flowing

Even mentioning his name now seems over the line
There goes that relic of a different time

I don’t want to defend a private life tangled and mysterious
Anything but condemnation, and you would think I was delirious

So I’ll leave this tale without a conclusion
There are no easy answers, maybe just confusion
But I’ll miss those yearly openings of magic and illusion
At Lincoln Plaza on 63rd

And the final irony, that theater has now closed
There’s less of an audience that is so predisposed
It’s all superheros now, I suppose
Call it theater of the absurd

Kicked out of town for suspected old crimes
A relic from a different time

(c) M. Skliar 2018

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So I am unfortunately pretty admittedly ignorant about the details of the topic and as such Found your perspective quite intruiging and interesting. Your story flows well and your message is clear. The music works well to keep the story moving and engaging. I thought it was wonderfully thought provoking and is now forcing me to go read more. Thus, it was effective!

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You're a really good story teller. This is quintessential Skliar. Good job.

Not sure of what specifically you are asking; what folks think of it? What specifically are you wondering about?