I’m Not Gonna Miss

I’m Not Gonna Miss

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Started with a list today on my lunch hour. Woke up after a few hours sleep with this musical idea.


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I’m Not Gonna Miss

I’m not gonna miss the oil changes,
Six months or every six thousand miles, although our mechanic recommended three
Five quarts of oil and an oil filter

I’m not gonna miss the tuneups,
A new air filter, anew gas filter, and set of six sparkplugs every couple of years
A day in the shop

Chorus 1
Now just once a year for a warranty checkup
Lube the motor change the wiper fluid and battery coolant
and walkaway thinking about all this that I’m not gonna miss

I’m not gonna miss the engine noise,
Rumbling and smelly, vibrating and shaking
I get enough of that in traffic from surrounding gas powered cars and trucks

I’m not gonna miss changing the starter, the alternator, the gaskets and coolant hoses.
Replacing the muffler and rusty tailpipe, or the dark spots in the driveway
The dark shadow of 1969 Mustang convertible remains

Now I just drive
drive and drive and drive

Instrumental verse

I’m not gonna miss trips to the gas station every few days
Standing there squeezing the pump the whole time
Smelling the gasoline, then I needed to wash my hands

Chorus 2
Now I just park, mostly in our garage
Take a few seconds to plug in
and walkaway thinking about all this that I’m not gonna miss

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I like that rhythm track and the chord progression a lot.... I think battery fluid was one of those things we included in the list of things to check on car when teasing new drivers in high school... This song has good atmosphere. Normally I don't like buried vocals, but it fits the mood of this song very well.

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with a buried vocal, i forget about following the lyric, and just dig the music, letting the lyric leak into my mind at random.