My Friend Bill - Lost In The Urban Bush

My Friend Bill - Lost In The Urban Bush

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Liner Notes: 

Well.., me and my friend, we was a-talk'in a bit, just dee other day, and he said somethin to which was the basis of this here song Wink So, I'll sing if for yah, iffin you like Crazy

-- Why pass on the opportunity for a "fun" song, aye?!
-- And, this was in part due to the picture/image challenge... an old image I had from when horsing around with Bill online one day Crazy , or, could be real?! One never knows!

And, all of my Fall Crickets are back, their in the track, -- windows open... on key, in the track, and work for hire contracts all; all the grass they can eat Wink


G g \D f# \ \
People can be better people when they stop being – [: what, they, are…:]
G g \D \ \
The problem is the problem what they are are who we – [: made, them, to be :]
Am D
How about you stop being you…, while stop being me,

G g \D f# \ \
We complicate and concentrate and [: con [in]- flate our lives :]
G g \D f# \ \
Then medicate remediate all the [: shucks and jives :]
People are better people, kept from
G \d c b
[: Their Galore :]

\G g \ \Am [hard single stroke to e ^]
So my good friend Bill,
\ Am
He sometimes, he will
G \
And with great skill
Am \ G d c b
Discuss the hate bait..., all the headline thrills
G b
And pray for thoughts killed

G g \D f# \ \
So I hide in plain site, while many others found Peru, what can you do
G \D f# \ \
Yet the glue of the blues it binds…, all our hues, yes it do
\Am e D d
So we both stopped who we are, now, how ‘bout you?

G g
To change the world, change the mirror
It's reflection that’s key, hmmm you and me
Am D
One by one, then we all can be free

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No, you should never pass up a fun song and this is so well crafted! Nice one!

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im honored to find myself in the title of your song. it reminds me of when my friend chuck e weiss found himself in the title of a song. i kidded him about it, saying, you finally made the charts,but on the wrong side....title,not artist. anyway, even if i were not in it, it would be an exceptional got the ideas we were discussing across very well, and in such a cool, unpretentious way. your singing on it is also very good. i like the way you repeat lines with alternate words and the way you notate it.

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Wow, a dedication to our inspiring Bill and a very inspiring song. Such a pleasure to listen to! Beautiful, artistic, sincere and inspiring song! Thank you so much for participating in this challenge and creating a very beautiful song. Loving your singing, playing, lyrics and your chosen photo.