Really Real

Really Real

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Liner Notes: 

I recorded this one a week ago, but I forgot to post it until now because other songs kept popping up!

A book I was reading listed various names for God, and one was the Really Real. I like that.

This one could be a kirtan-like chant song, or a love song for an actual person. I was kind of feeling both as I sang it.


Your touch is really real
You have the power to heal

Your voice is really real
The song you reveal

Your kiss is really real
With your lips you seal

Your love is really real
Before you I kneel

You are really real
I reach out and I feel

We are really real
Hold on so we can feel

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This is really cool, Chip. When I think of anybody meeting God for the first time, that would be the thing I picture coming out of their mouth... OMG - you're really REAL!!
Very trance-like and meditative.

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Beautiful lyrics and love the way you captured it all with the melody and vocals.

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i like the way you intone these lyrics as a slow mantra. your use of the harmonium reminds me of allen ginsberg's mantras. i would also like to hear an alternate uptempo celebratory worship version, van morrison style,.

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This is beautiful, Chip. Your heart comes through in the whole song and especially your voice. The harmonium is so gently and sensitively done, it's like another loving presence. Downloaded.

Great melody, modulations. I love the harmonium. Well done; it works as you describe.

And, indeed, as Bill describes, it could be versioned concerning a number of directions.

For me, a two line call and response with limited chord use but emphasised on dynamics, and syncopation nearly always turns into a "jam"/riffing session as well.

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Lovely message showed in a very suitable and calming way. Great melody.

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I kinda wanted a harmonium for a little bit. But I have an accordion, and can get similar sounds.... Great sound, I like the repetitive/meditative nature of this song. I hear it as a song about a person, but I know there's more to it than that. I just prefer to hear it in love song mode.

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I like the harmonium line here as well as the calm guitar strumming, the mellow chord progression and your vocals.
The collection of couplets here are poetic, and they remind me of George Harrison's songs about God such as the Beatles' "Long, Long, Long" or "My Sweet Lord".
I like how the song concludes on the dominant instead of the tonic; that's an approach also used in the coda to "Long, Long, Long".