Sherlock Went Barefoot

Sherlock Went Barefoot

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Liner Notes: 

I was quite inspired by @cindyrella after reading her delightful lyrics for Plastic Lids. I posed the quesion of solving the case of the missing sock and this pretty much wrote itself.

This story absolutely must be read in the spirit of Dr. Seuss.


Sherlock went barefoot when out on a case
the crime must be solved, Sherlock mustn't lose face
But Baker street cobbles and the horses that pass
played tricks on his feet, landing him on his ass

See there wasn't a dryer to blame for the loss
There were only two trees with a rope strung across
Now Watson and laundry did not well get along
Two socks went for hanging, only one returned home

Each case was unravelled as he searched for the clues
but he never could find matching socks for his shoes
So Sherlock went barefoot, out Baker Street's door
and the stones chilled his tootsies as they had times before

This quagmire's proportions grew epic in scope
for the socks were still missing, he was giving up hope
He examined each fragment of cloth he could find
but alas, he was helpless, for it boggled his mind

Mrs. Hudson said 'Sherlock, you must sit down my dear'
you have searched far and wide, but the answer is here
In the corner a basket, nearly filled to its top
Mrs. Hudson picked up, all that Watson had dropped

Sherlock's stature was safe with no case unresolved
he could always find answers once he was so involved
He might sift through the evidence, evaluate clues
still we hear Sherlock bellow, 'where in hell are my shoes?'

©2018 Bob '1B' King

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