The lighthouse guy

The lighthouse guy

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The lighhouse guy

Liner Notes: 

Ok, So since I am not doing 50/90 I still came to the point where I started to develope my spring-project in my head. The Oh captain and headless soldier bay will be included (When I do full prods of them to) But this story is about the guard in the lighhouse who is watching his town. I still have my head full of charachters that want out hopefully they all developes during this winter.

Thanks for listening


1, Slowly passes winter
We hear the ocean cry
And in this lonely harbour
Every dead man die

They all cry out for silence
They all cry out to God
But here they find no mercy
Just cold old human blood

2, I’ve seen the vessels enter
From my ol’ lightning house

And I still hear the crying
From What once where their spouse


Iam watching from my lighthouse
The headless sailing in
But darker clouds approaching
And here no light can win
here no light can win

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Sounds like you had fun putting this together. And I enjoyed the full production!

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That music sounds great. This is another track with great atmosphere... you do a great job of relaying the mood and feeling through the music and the melody and the speaking parts... I like this song, but if I were to have one nit to pick, the spoken part over the singing part muffled both at times. Just a couple of spots. But you can't argue with a good sounding song.

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every word of this lyric is a perfectly set gem. if not the best writing you have done, it is the most exquisite. the melody is relentless in its starkness, and production unique and accomplished. you have reached a very high level of artistry with this piece.

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Got a nice Pink Floyd(ish) vibe from parts of this. Very ominous yet striking.

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I am honestly afraid! With this thunderstorm, I do want to go hide in my bed! Brilliant!

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Good writing. Good all the way
Yep, what TC said about atmosphere

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That intro is intense. I like the whispers, perfect for this story, very, very dark. I like the tension in the arpeggio guitar part, and the piano supporting. Lots of drama here, with the emotionless vocal holding it all together!

Great job of not doing 50/90

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This was sooo cool, and creepy, and spooky, Maddie! I love what you did with the video!

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Yeah this is pure acousticmaddie! Spooky, pirate references, ‘cold human blood’ and atmosphere galore. Nice job

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I'm loving this so much. It's kind of reminding me of the band Dread Crew of Oddwood. They're a pirate acoustic metal band. You're having so much fun with this stuff, I just can't help smiling while I listen, which is a bit weird since it's so dark and gruesome. Love it!

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Dang, Acousticmaddie, you've made a full-blown electric production. This is dynamite. I love the all the guitars, from the little staccato bits to the crunchy chords. The piano is a nice touch, too. Enough talking about the parts--the whole thing works! No light can win--that's a great line to close with

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That's a dark town this lighthouse keeper watches.