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Liner Notes: 

A quick write based on the story of Chelsea Sexton in the documentary "Who Killed The Electric Car". This started out as part of the National Electric Drive Week song but seemed to be a separate idea that stood on its own.



A2 E2
Standing with the original EV-1 leasees
Laid off when GM’s electric vehicle development was terminated in 2004
After being too successful (it was supposed to fail)

Vigil by the GM lot in Santa Barbara
When GM refused to provide Chelsea an option to buy the last ones
The auto transports took all eighty
to Arizona (to have them crushed, except one)

Chelsea just had a new purpose
Joined forces with the leasees
And created Plug in America

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After reading the backstory and lyrics, I'm surprised how peaceful this sounds.It's a cool take on a fresh subject for sure.

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OH I miss your voice. I was alss surprised (in a good way) By the pace. Lovely writing

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So interesting what musicians can do, as you have done here. Sometimes the lyrics and the style in which a song is sung (or in this case more spoken) seem more like a juxtaposition. If you just listened and didn't totally pay attention to the lyric it sounds like a really sad song, almost eerie. I'm not sure why that is. I like the contrast though!! I don't know how you pull it off or if it's intentional but I like it!!