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Liner Notes: 

Draft I made a couple days ago but didn't like. Took a second listen today and decided to share.
I would like to go back and do some variations with the drums, and also one or two changes and transitions.
What do you all think would be cool to add to this one?
When I played the little melody which starts the song off and then the second one you hear next, for some reason I was seeing scenes of old 80s teen movies where kids were all taking a really important exam...like a montage.
I dunno lol...

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Definitely got an '80s feel to it. And I, too, could picture this playing behind a montage of some people doing something important. I got more of a physical picture (like basic training sort of stuff, maybe?) rather than an exam, but eh... Close enough. Smile

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I'm really getting lost in this one, which is a good thing. That little melody that opens the piece and runs throughout brings to mind Summer Breeze by Seals & Croft. Anyway, this all works for me, so I don't have any suggestions

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I could see that image you suggest of an 80s teen film montage. It almost seems like as they sit there thinking we get a glimpse inside their minds that are somewhere else.

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That beat coming in made me go 'yeah, cool' and emphasizes the strength of the melody. Likable for sure!

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Mmmmm, when the beat comes in tho! That's tasty. I definitely see the 80s montage too hahaha.

catching up after being away! very ominous start and heavy bass. nice when the beats come in. As you asked maybe some high register in the middle to break things up!