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Liner Notes: 

The timeliness here has slipped a little, but taking care of family has frorced me to put 50/90 on he back burner for a while. However, I still think this issue is important enough to take a stand.

Having been a long time resident of Clearwater, Florida, I am exteremely disturbed by recent develpments regarding 'stand your ground' laws in not on Florida, but many other states too. While there seem to be many differing versions of the events, one thing is crystal clear. A man is now dead as the result of aa argument over a handicapped parking place. The Pinellas county sheriff, Bob Gualtieri, announced on camera this past Wednesday, August 1, 2018, that there would be no arrest made in this case. It is time for this kind of madness to end.


The second amendment, a birthright you say 
As we watched a man die on the sidewalk today
He drew a last breath and his life slipped away 
In a silly dispute for a handicap space 

Stand firm on your ground as you covet your gun
Feel no guilt that you've set another man's sun
They will all send their prayers and thoughts as they run
But in the end there will be nothing done

She weeps and she wonders how this act is condoned
When the killer walks free with no remose shown
In the afternoon's light her mate now is gone
Will the law of the land force a new life alone


The sheriff now says, there will be no arrest
And NRA puts 'stand your ground' to the test
You will see a new day and your gun will be blessed
No consequence, lay your victims to rest


©2018 Bob '1B' King

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I am glad you wrote about this as I have a hard time understanding it too. It is a horrible idea and that was obvious when Trayvon Martin last his life to the likes of George Zimmerman., The incident you talk about here too. And no one has to pay? Crazy and very well written.

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powerful and very well done lyric- and yeah, this stuff should be talked about , again and again, until there is meaningful gun control legislation and laws, which, as the studies indicate, does really reduce violence, etc...

hope you set it to music at some point- its worth singin' about and you have a real fine lyric there...