When I Was Young

When I Was Young

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Liner Notes: 

~~ Music for prior lyrics posted above ~~

- Slight word smithing, but "amazingly" mostly the same.

1v1g onetake, but overdubbed Bass Guitar for some added dimension.

Other, if interested:
With this one, I was really kinda very surprised Crazy at how very different it sounded as per tempo vocal rhythm, syncopation. That may sound ~"idiotic"~ since what else is music Smile , (right?, I know, I know), ---- but, nevertheless, many songs, -- little faster/slower, ahead/behind the beat, eh... same song (every Stones song? Smile hahhh as per band members at various times, -- I love keith/ronnie so, just say'in)... so anyway... while I had a wicked ~3 day migrane from the heat/bad air quality here this past week, with sinus et al., I tried to sound "cheery". Otherwise, could not have posted it yet, -- the "dirges" that came out just from, again, tempo, etc. -- for me, this is a "happy" song, as these things go Smile
-- I was shocked it came out of me and in a 5sec write, no less!


G g // //
When I was... young
D f# d
I was-like-an oc – ean
Am e D d // //
Full-of-lies, love..., passion and need

G g
When I was young
D f#
I became freed, in-the-moment-of-me
Am e D f# d
And all I needed, wanted, had, was my ocean-of-need

G g \ \ \ \ D f#
I love life, people, places, and things
Am e D f#
I just didn't know, in-what-order, I-wanted… -to -be -king
G g D f# // // Am e D f# d
So I asked all I could, of all I could be, – what would you do..., do if me

G g // // Am e
So when diving and swimming, and looking about
D f# f# e d G d
I found a plug at the bottom, bottom of my deep glued… sea
G g Am e D f# G d
So I pulled it drained it and came to see the landscape of me baby and I like what I see
G g Am e
So drain your ocean, the blues in the way
D f# G d
What's there at the bottom..., is your treasure you'll see
D f# G d
You're already what..., what you wanted to be

G g
When I was... young
D f# d
My life was an oc – ean
Am e d# d c G d
I never grew old..., but remained a seed
Am e d c c G d
Full of promise, passion bold, and pleased

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This is one of your best, I think! Great lyric and you really did it well!

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the music gives action to the words. the idea that your life is an ocean and you have to drain it in order to find the treasure of yourself. similar to what jesus says in the gospel of thomas, the kingdom of heaven is already here, but men do not see it. when they see it, they will see themselves for what they are, and will be struck with wonder.

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Thank you for taking up the challenge. Your song is beautiful, nostalgic, lovely to listen to. I like your lyrics, singing and guitar. Nice pic, nostalgic too.

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Great lyrics. so true. The only way to know yourself is to look inside. We are reflections of our beliefs. Bill's comments on the Gospel of Thomas are good. I was just watching a really good video on the Gospel of Thomas, so I think this was just waiting for me to hear it. Nice job.

I commented previously on the lyric its reall good. This is right in mainstream Ustaknow. You may not be discovered but im glad i discovered you. You are onto this from the first note it sets the whole song up.

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Some lovely touches - I particularly liked "deep glued sea." Stylistically this reminds me strongly of Mark Knopfler, and that's not an easy thing to achieve. Very cool stuff.