Your Own Mystery

Your Own Mystery

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Liner Notes: 

This song is about finding your inner peace.

The demo still needs to be mixed, but here's a rough outline.


Bored again
Lack of zen
Calmly frighten
The kindness to awaken

So hold out
If things go south
And if you doubt
Face it after the fallout

Careful now

So go and be
Your own mystery
Sail the eastern seas
And chase the sun, where no one dreams

Lost again
Wearing thin
As safety sets in
Time to make rent again

Crash and slam
Against a fountain
Can't keep on
Using words as vices

Careful now

Coral drinks
Waste deep
Just like a western creep
Sorry, not sorry
Because sorries are cheap

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billwhite51's picture

a perfect song for dancing with yourself. love the way the melody and lyrics are tucked into the rhythms, it is not often that someone writes a song that is so danceable and listenable at the same time.

dsweidel's picture

GREAT as usual Peter! Love the lyrics and music. Just what I needed first thing this morning Biggrin

cindyrella's picture

Oh I love this! The message and your performance are top notch!

kahlo2013's picture

I am totally a fan of the concise strong lines and your delivery is wonderful. Love the music layers that create such a wonderful upbeat energizing feel.

tcelliott's picture

You have a knack for putting pop melodies and sensibilities in a synth/rock setting and making it sound so good. I like the tone of the vocal on this track and the message/feeling of the lyric fits the melody very well.

Yes youve hit a rich vein here! A very listenable and very complete song