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Liner Notes: 

Inspired by a friend, and my attempt to rhyme *a little* less.


Did I whisper through the night,
Drawing curtains over the sky,
Disappearing into the clouds,
Are you able to hear me now?

Did I crawl along the riverbed,
Shedding tears of disregard,
Flooding oceans full of compromise,
While I try to reach up to the stars.

You let me know I'm not enough,
I'll find another path to travel,
The blue skies start to unravel,
No longer held to your standards,
I'll drive straight to the shore,
and find exactly what I'm looking for.

Did I listen to the pouring rain,
Standing alongside the forest trees,
Shadows passing beneath my feet,
Sifting through the burnt debris.

Did I stumble down into the dirt,
Painting hearts onto the jagged stones,
The undertow will drag me out to sea,
And I think I'll stay out here alone.

I'll resist the roots,
that cling to me,
I'll rise above
the endless misery,
Walking nowhere fast,
Keeping my bags packed,
Wander forever,
I will never look back.

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Great song about letting go and moving on. Love the last lines so much.

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Beautiful use of language to create a powerful image of loss and resilience!

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Freaking fantastic delivery of words! Less rhymes and still flows as if it did rhyme. Success! Biggrin