William Shatitude

William Shatitude

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Liner Notes: 

A random ditty I wrote about William Shatner and, also separately, Mike Pence, and obviously robot Hitler too. This was started on the FAWM slack channel today whilst fretting over frets.

Needs music! That means you! Hehe... Biggrin


Can't fight this attitude for William Shatitude
Star Trek V was fine, can't really blame the dude
Its Wednesday, but I feel that Saturday catitude
He wants to be a badder dude, a slingshot climbing ladders dude

Generations is the best, put the rest to the test
Don't even get me started on those new ones, useless
Kind of like Mr. Vice Pence, lounging in the oval orifice
Sitting in Deep Space 9 on other Voyages

Pencey loves Mrs Buttersworth
I think he's got all summer's worth
Still cuddles in her afterbirth
Syrup flavored ships are cursed

Pence, Picard, and Shatner
Team up to fight mechazoid Hitler
I can't wait for the movie to get here
Just kidding, this one's a blister

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Ah yes. I saw you start this on Slack. Nice to see you finished it! Fun!

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Personally I'd put "First Contact" first, "Voyage Home" second. And yeah, the Kelvin timeline films are execrable, made by people with no respect for (or knowledge of) the genre. But I love Discovery. Can't wait for season 2.

What? The lyrics? Oh, er, yeah. I like 'em. Obviously.