That Gal Sal

That Gal Sal

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Liner Notes: 

Was listening to some older jazz song and this title popped into my head. Needs music and vocals.


That Gal Sal
© 2018 Cindy Prince

Who dresses classy?
Is a bit sassy?
But still a sweet lassie?
That gal Sal

Who loves to shake?
Keeps me wide awake?
Even takes the cake?
That gal Sal

She's hot on the floor and never a bore
She's fine as wine, and now she's mine

Who has a cute nose?
Smells sweet as a rose?
Keeps me on my toes?
That gal Sal

Who's hair is coal black
Never takes no slack
Always has my back
That gal Sal

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Very upbeat and well stylised. Someone will have fun with this one! Music 2

Its good. The sort of song i could sing on my saturday gigs. All i would add are a few more “sals”