Looking for Heaven in Easy Pop Can'ts

Looking for Heaven in Easy Pop Can'ts

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Liner Notes: 

This was a lyric hanging around, unfinished since 2017, and only just today got put to music. It was based upon one short phrase from another prior song of mine (entirely different), -- I just felt still wanted to use.

Revised note: --- Thanks to some great feedback, the liner notes just don't apply, deleted them... so, derUgo...
-- I tweeked the lyric removing what I'll call the "place holder" words Smile

So, the bottomline question to a long explanation was:
-- Keep/delete it?

(The long explanation just got deleted... so, Crazy ... -- after posting the song, and to feel that "pressure" to see it as others may, it looks sooo different..., it hit me as someone looking for love in all the wrong places. Not what it was about, but, amazing... is the way I got to see it by posting it with the pressure to see it as others may. Wonderful when that happens! I have no problem singing as a "love in wrong places song"... what do you think it is about? I'm open to explanations Crazy )

For some who may still wonder who know me ? -- it's based upon events that 'till today still haunt me, so to speak... we all get our little memory flashes from "triggers". However, no matter what, I still try to "protect" even the "bad" folks in my life. That protective "integrity" ? ... caused it to become so cryptic, as I originally said, that it made sense to me alone! Wink , but knew while it may have "something" as a song, others may not "get it" at all. And so it sat since post fawm 2017, then kept as lyrics only, then a day ago found it in a "pile" and chorded it out, --vwah lah, this mess Smile

However, very interesting to me, the * "subtext" * surfaced (first time for me, I think), -- and I suddenly realised the "bad feeling" was me looking for "Love", family, in a place that could never provide it, --ever. It was a very bad place, and bad for me, but on the surface, -- very hard to tell. (Like those laundry tablets that look like tasty candy, but aren't Wink )

Even today, if I "look" for some record of how "bad" a place it was and may still be in some ways, -- it shows itself otherwise (every year a few more obits show up and I wonder ... and so a song arrives! Crazy ) . Sometimes in life we get "lucky" in where we land, and in others, we don't. My time in LEO put off any other I ever told detailed stories to about it, ones who could understand it, and then realised it gave me ptsd (b4 that term existed Smile from peers, not the job!) -- So this is just one more self-psych release song.

-- And so glad folks "like" it... and that I see the subtext story, -- looking for heaven/love in all the wrong places. These revelations are what make fawm5090 of value to me.


D f# C e ^
Looking for heaven, in easy pop cant’s
D f# C e
Taking day old love from auto-mat tabs 
G g D f# C D
Lighting fires of friction, from passion that won’t land
C e C // //
-- You get your love, like candy bar loot 
C G D D sus //
High cost and mannerly, --no drama, bland and cooled

D C g^ g^
Looking for love, in low bridge dark - ness 
D C g^ g^
Browntown valleys, of Appalach - past – towns
No one there sees your love dead, ‘til years in their bed 
C C D //
-- The spirit of a lesser me, the demons of a better deed
C // //
This fast food drive through non-stop cast 
C // G D //
High cost stories of drama, pokes... cooled your past 

D C a ^ g ^
Carolina gold cush, crystal meth, makes you bold
Pressure makes a diamond, in that rough, frost light 
Carolina daze, under blue ridge mound haze 
C D ^ v
Lord grant mercy for the souls spring... harvest, craze 
Shot in the ground, Fall..., plowed up, next pay 

D f# C g
So, do what your mom’a said, -- do
Be what you is, be not what you ain’t in need of
Stay clear of that low bridge love fest
G D C D ^
Dark Corners in the Blueridge will cause well all,,, your deeds 

C C //
You’ll never leave
C C //
You’ll never leave poke county in peace
C \D … …
Back fields plowed up next Spring, pay …

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Very poweful song, beautiful singing and playing. Definitely keep!

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Not sure i understand any of the the lyrics and images in there- it goes completely past me, so I'm not sure what it's "about", but it feels nice- and there's a tiny resemblance, perhaps, of your vocal tone, choice of notes and phrases to some of the acoustic Ian Anderson (jethro tull), perhaps?

good one, keep on writing and recording!

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this ismy favoritelyric o yours. everything is so clear,and the wordplay works both in the norm and variants. i dislike the idea of putting a song into a generic boc like the looking for love in all the wrong places bit. this song is so much more than that. for one thing, it isnt love that we are looking for,it is the place where love takes us, which is heaven. and how can one look for heaven in the wrong places? we dont know where to look in the first place., for me, this is your Purgatorio. it is a badplace,but you have to be there. there are bad people,but they are your friends, it is all part of the heroic voyage,,,,confronting the pillars of hercules. sailying with odysseus, someday you will get back home. but when you do, it will be empty of all you knew, and filled with more dragons that must be slain, then purifiation until you areworthy of approaching the holy grail, like perceval, all innocence again after the travails.

Shi eet thats a masterpiece! The way you draw the words out until they stick in your ears! An ever moving lyric against a steady musical landscape. Id use this to show people what songwriting and performing is all about ! Yowza!