Last Saturday

Last Saturday

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Liner Notes: 

My first song after about 3 weeks of writers block. It has one chord progression repeated the entire song. Who says you need to write more than one part? Not this guy.


I want to break out of here
I will slay dragons this year
Then maybe i'll dissapear and hush the crowd

I'll show you what i'm here for
You can build castles and more
And say goodbye to the old shores, old shores

Last saturday night
Last saturday night
Last saturday I woke up and thought I was dead

This saturday night
This saturday night
This saturday I'll wake up and write a new script
I will write a new script

Walk home sunday, walk home someday
Be vigilant for the sharp fangs of monday

Get up, make coffee by 10
Its time to dress up again
Fake it, and make it, then you become it, my friend

Dynamic shoulders pretend
I know how to make my bed
So neatly packed in a shed, i'll sleep on the grass

I will write a new script
I will write a new script
Something that I can commit
At least I think so

(c)2018 Peter Arvidson Music
(c)2018 Sara Janda Artwork

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That is fantastic. The 3 chords worked magically with impeccable lyrics and vocals. Love it!

metalfoot's picture

Synth pop goodness! Love the feel and style to this song. Sometimes you just gotta ride that chord progression all the way home... and when it works it becomes an anthemic pop classic. Smile (Like this one)

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chords are the least important element of a song. some of chopins best stuff rocks back and forth between two chords. pleanty of potentisllu good songs havrbeen ruined by clever chord progressions, three chords are plenty enough for a song,maybe add a fourth if you want a minor voicing, but even then the minor is replacing the major as in alternating C and A minor in knockin on heavens door, Your three chords here give you plenty of room for the melody, which would have been cramped with more changes. really enjoyed this song.

Yes, as said above, -- there's lots to say for dynamics (well done) and being ahead/behind the beat to syncopate a bit (also well done), -- it's never just the chord prog. is it Smile

Quite a production, nice. You've got a nice vocal range too. Music 2

yam655's picture

I didn't hear it before the mastering, but this is amazing. Great job!

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Excellent....I should say that in a sinister villain voice, I guess... but I had a rocking good time. Power pop? Rocking guitars and a cool melody both. Glad you're posting more music and I'm glad I like it this much.

cblack's picture

Nice song! And I agree with others - 3 chords is plenty. It's enough to give the song flavour, but not so much that the music overpowers the vocals. Overall, a thoroughly pleasurable listen. Good work! Biggrin

fresh spotless youth's picture

Great anthemic quality to this one. I really love the guitar and the vocal(s). That little falsetto bit near the end is pretty awesome. The lyric is hopeful but leaves us with a sense of doubt--because we all know about broken resolutions. I'm a big fan of songs with no chord changes. Heartbeats by The Knife is a good example. New Order repeated two chords throughout one of my favorite songs: The Age of Consent