Bob Ross For The Win

Bob Ross For The Win

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Liner Notes: 

Since I paint a little and have had teachers with mixed views about his methods, I want to put the original song lyrics by @Adnama17 to music.


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Bob Ross For The Win!

Bob's voice melted mellow
And he had awesome hair
Each day he'd paint some trees
None could compare

The"Joy of Painting" always
Warmed my weary heart
I could sit and watch for days
Pretend that I could art

(Let's put one...)
Bob Ross for the win!
(A little one right...)
Bob Ross for the win!
(A happy one right...)
Bob Ross for the win!
(Here and here and here...)
Bob Ross for the win!
For the win!

Here's a couple more things
Bet you didn't know
He was missing a finger
And permed his own fro

He was in the Air Force
A Master Sargeant
His middle name was Norman
Was alla prima bent

You know there's really something
To those happy little trees
As much as I hate to admit
With Bob I agree

That life is what we make it
We're in charge of each stroke
So better get to creating some
Happy little blokes

Repeat Chorus

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Yeah! Like that cigar box Play on
Good collab

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Had to listen. I once wrote a platonic love song to Bob Ross. I still perform it sometimes and usually goes over pretty well. I like your vocal work here. You get his calm intensity in the chorus.

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I don't know who Bob Ross is, but I feel I've gotten a sense of who he is from this song. Nice one! Smile

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I'm not sure what it is about how you do the chorus, but it's THE BEST EVER. I love this so much! It makes me smile. Biggrin

Fuzzy's picture

Ooh, lovely treatment of those great lyrics.
I like the overwhelming bass tones.
Really nice vocal delivery.
The busy drums really drive this tune forward.
Yeah, this is an excellent collab for sure.

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Hahaha, BOB ROSS FOR THE WIN. Forever and always. Fun. Now I know new things! I didn't know about his finger or that his middle name was Norman.

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What a musical treatment! That is a cool guitar sound, for sure. And I love the glee in your vocal. At times this is real close to punk rock.
As far as the words - smart and clever! I learned a lot about Bob Ross, and the rhymes are really fun.
Great collab!

Oh dirty guitar sound. Lots of a echo, a good lyric and great step up down chords. Really cool.

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For the win, indeed. I discovered Bob on German TV in the 90s and immediately became a fan. Really wasn't expecting the arrangement to be quite as up-front and brash as it is given the show's propensity for easy-listening and lounge music, but I like it.