I don't care

I don't care

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Liner Notes: 

Val - guitar, drums
Helen - bass vocals

This is us trying to be Joan Jett and the Blackhearts


You can call me a trouble maker
Call me a rule breaker
Call me a no good faker
I'll call me a risk taker

Call me anything you want
Oh, cause I don't care

Tell me I should settle down
Tell me I should tow the line
Tell me I'm a silly child
And I'll tell you to get a life

Tell me anything you want
Oh, cause I don't care

I think that you have a secret
I think you like it when I misbehave
Won't you come and play?

So, c'mon, baby, let's have some fun
Don't worry if they call us scum
Blow your trumpet; bang on the drum
The party's only just begun

They can call us anything they like
We don't care

You can call me any time you like
Any hour, day or night
I'll be there

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Punkabilly royalty! What fun, what great music, what-well everything! Bravo!

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you definitely have the joan jett sound and attitude down pat. later groups like sleater kinney and the donnas didnt come close to what you have here.

Fuzzy's picture

Yup, attitude up to here for sure.
Great raunchy guitar work.
I love the bratty vocal delivery.
Another wonderful collab!!

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Super collaboration! Love the attitude and message. Great beat. Really love the bass and vocals on this one. Guitar is awesome! This feels ready to take off as it is so totally relatable for anyone and their mates who feel like rebels or an outcasts and such an enjoyable get into it punk vibe!

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Awesome energy! I could definitely see this song being in a soundtrack, with a few people just taking a stand, being themselves, and who cares what people think? Smile

marvsmooth's picture

I love the vocals on this, and the music. It perfectly puts over the “don’t give a ...” attitude in the lyrics.

A great collaboration!

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So much fun! I was dancing and grinning along with the punk energy, playfulness and self-determination. I dig the little country touches in the guitar and bass parts too.

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Wow! This is great!! Wonderful vocal. You definitely captured the genre. (I thought this was going to be about our First Lady, though...) Wink

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I can hear the influence of JJ's first band The Runaways in this as well. Nails that brash 80s vibe and that guitar is as gloriously loud and stroppy as the vocals. Ace!

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This just came on the jukebox and it made me so happy I had to come here and comment again. Such a fun song. Smile

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oozing attitude, love that punkabilly tag, you nail it. great sound, great performance and great punky lyrics. fantastic collab

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Remind me not to get on the wrong side of you two!! I can see the mosh pit slamming away to this. Loved listening to this. Great colab. Loved the bass line on this.