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Liner Notes: 

Ok, I got stuck. This has had a couple of rewrites. It always amuses me that on new housing estates there are road names like Orchard Way, where there is no orchard, and Meadow Lane, where there is no meadow. I found a new development being built, and it was named after a goddess, so I thought a song was in order............


Cardea once was green and lovely
she fed the birds and grew the wild flowers
river flowed beside her, like a lover
and she had a name, she had a name
she was the mother of the temple green

Cardea now is tarmac roads, and houses
she is the bricks, the doors, the word
and they wonder how they'll pay the bills
but she has a name, she has a name
she is the mother of the temple lost

Cardea is a ghost that's gone now
she is the goddess in name alone
and the wildness of the night will hold
the feet of the men who move
across her fallen temple floor
oh Cardea, you're a word, that's all

And she had a name, she had a name x2
and now a name is all she is

Copyright Frances smith @2018

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perhaps those housing developments were built on felled orchards. you do a fine job of telling your story in an unusually straightforward way without losing the poetic mystery in which so many of your songs are cloaked.

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Very good and quite true
tdon.t think I know cardea but I.ll look her up

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Welcome back! Great idea for a song, with some lovely lines ("she is the goddess in name alone," "the mother of the temple green"). Nice contrast beween the poetic and prosaic ("and they wonder how they'll pay the bills") that really drives home the point. Could be a Richard Thompson song!

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Hey, thanks for missing me! I'm back and plan on posting a handful of songs during September--still have a couple of trips I'm taking, though.

I like this one. You know...we've talked about this before: I think you have a good voice--better than mine, actually--which would, in my opinion, be immensely benefited by buying something like "Melodyne Elements" (basic version) for fifty bucks or so. A couple of clicks and any pitchiness (and my songs are terrible pitchy in their initial versions) pretty much goes away. I hope you're not insulted by this suggestion--you weren't the last time--but as nice as the tone of your voice is, I think you'd be SUPER-PLEASED with an investment in Melodyne. <3