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Liner Notes: 

Lots of samples used as I kept finding stuff that i liked in the library.
Started off making a very simple drum track, added the "waa!" vocal hit.
Found some little subtle stuff to put underneath, then the "falling" and "down" samples which I had to stretch to fit my tempo.
Then the "doo" harmony vox that really really hit my ears perfectly on top of all that.
Found the girl singing the verses, chopped to my will and tempo fit it.
blahblahblah - arranged it and decided to add something that I actually played myself instead of programmed...so did the rhodes bit towards the end.
I ramble with my playing...no real direction...meh

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Good track with a nice beat. I like it!

yeah i like this. love what you are doing always look forward to your tracks - would love to do this stuff!

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Oh man yes i love this
what a great production
vocals are so good
and the beat is incredible
i hope you do collabs
and something of mine hits you

great stuff

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Good production. Hook really has us falling for this track. Sweet vocal. All put together nicely. Melody on the keys works so well.