Fat cats

Fat cats

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Fat Cats


Liner Notes: 

My observations of some recent local political activity. This truly is one for the fat cats. They are the literal personification of a face palm emoji.
I thought I’d try writing each verse using a single letter to begin each word. A bit tongue-twisterish. I do love my alliteration.


Ravenous raw
Rambunctious rats
Rampaging round, round, round

Slovenly sly
Salacious snakes
Slithering stupendous sound

Fastidious fast
Feral ferrets
Flatulating far-flung & free

Leaping loud
Lunging lizards
Lazily lounging linguistically

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As a fan of alliteration I really appreciate this. Also as someone who is increasingly getting frustrated at politicians.

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Alteration is good. May need a dictionary for this one. In my head I hear a line of explanatory backing vocals explaining them.