Book of summer

Book of summer

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Liner Notes: 

I started with the chords, sung some nonsense words to them and then started singing 'i'm lazy you're lazy, lazy hazy crazy summer", etc.
Wrote most of the song before I saw that there had been varsious song challenges/skirmishes this weekend, and saw the title of one of them was 'book'- so 'book of summer' seemed an appropriate title for this

Recorded quick on a nylon-string guitar, iPhone, live guitar-and-vocal, with a little bit of echo added in audacity.


I’m lazy you’re lazy
he’s lazy she’s lazy
lazy hazy crazy summer days

Gimme get me bring me buy me
Do it all and don’t remind me
While I’m laying here in the shade

Stop the thinking start the drinking
Don’t even think ‘bout over-thinking
Let your mind just gently float downstream

Be like birds who don’t use words
Split every thought to equal thirds
Pillows, clouds and chocolate ice cream

It all just flows while we repose
Its what we chose and very slow
In our dreams we have another dream

I’m lazy you’re lazy
he’s lazy she’s lazy
lazy hazy crazy summer days

© M. Skliar 2018

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That's a wonderfully relaxing song, Mike. Love it. Just perfect for lounging about on a Sunday evening in late summer.

well thats an interesting way to get there but it sure works. really nice easy summer relaxing song very nice skirmish - reminds me of the Eels

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Delightful. I like the easiness of the music with these bubbly lyrics. I enjoyed this quite a lot!

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your guitar arrangement is perfect for this wordplay. your voice seems fully recovered now. maybe even better than before. i really enjoyed the way you sang and played this.

Chip Withrow's picture

Delightfully laid-back and weird, like falling asleep in a hammock. Sweet guitar sound, and I like the sing-song words and vocal delivery. Good one!

That's a great song, -- well done! Music 2 The nylon strings fit well too for it's backing.
-- I'm glad you're back from your short lay up with the throat, good deal!

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Nice song. That rhyming scheme really works as a hook. Amazing what impro can come up with. Theme and the emotion feels pretty perfect albeit a bit lazy.

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I love the vocal delivery, the lazy delivery works beautifully. The phrasing is nearly perfect. That guitar was good here, too. That slow down at the end was a nice touch. I enjoyed listening to this quite a bit.

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Fun stuff here, and it does have a lazy feel baked into the music. I like the "Stop the thinking start the drinking" verse and the birds, who divide thoughts into thirds.