When I Was Young

When I Was Young

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Liner Notes: 

30 sec's to jot it down, -- looks like could be something, so, -- derUgo Crazy
-- We, shall sEa

For an "artist", real life never begins, and there is no finish line, there's just the work... -- hoWiCit Crazy so I am so glad these little snippets flow in and through and I have a pencil handy, or $800 laptop Lol

So, here's another random thought... why not? ---- one day in the middle of my life, in North Carolina I was asked, "how did you get *here*?". So, knowing they were expecting some kind of a story, I told them instead, I didn't. The car broke down, and here I am. I am working on getting it fixed, and when it is, one day, -- I'll proceed to where I was going. (No one ever asked, to where?)

That always ended the conversation, --don't know why, but it did. They seemed slightly offended that I never intended to come there, and merely by accident with plans to leave. Some thought it "funny", as they should have (no one knew anything about me and that really bothered them Smile ). However, many there, too, -- for some reason always took great joy in telling me how much they hated "damn yankees", -- as if, e.g., talking to a frog about how much you hated frogs and the frog would care, versus eating their face off?

But, derUgo Smile a long time ago, but the myelin remains intact, nevertheless. See, the prior thought may be a song, and the latter a bad story... it's good to be an artist, aye?


When I was... young
I was-like-an oc - ean
Full of lies, love, passion and need

When I was young
I became freed, in-the-moment-of-me
And all I needed, wanted, had, was my ocean-of-need

I love life, people, places, and things
I just didn't know, in-what-order, I-wanted-to-be-king
So I asked all I could, of all I could be, -- what would you do, do if me

So when diving and swimming and looking about
I found a plug at the bottom of my deep glue sea
So I pulled it, drained it, and came to see, the landscape of me

So drain your ocean, the blues in the way
What's there at the bottom, is your treasure you'll see
You're already, what, you wanted to be

When I was... young
My life was an oc - ean
Full of lies, love, passion, and greed
I never grew old, but remain a seed

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Very good writing! I love how I moved through it and how it made me think about my life too.

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nice imagery, though cryptic at times (is it good to drain your ocean?-- i guess so). but i like that. i especially like how it is sprinkled with fairly straightforward commonsense advice and observations.

interesting. underneath we all what we are meant to be whether or not its what we want to be and other stories. always like yours even if i always need a bit of time. but then its time ive got coz if it wasnt i wouldnt.

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Interesting Pictures you describe.

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when i lived in north carolina, nobody asked me wh i came there or how i got there. i guess because i was in charlotte, where yanees come to breed.i like your dentral idea, of pulling the plug at the bottom of the ocean to frain out all the bullshit and discver your true self. i did that by cuttig off all contact with other people and writing a couple of books, so mmuch f who we think we are is predicated on our routines with the people we know, conversations that have become habitual, in which everybody says the things that represent their position withn the group. a man alone discovers what he really is...or at least begins to understand somethig of it. your lyric is such a perfect metaphor for this process, in whatever form it tales.

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I like the line 'when I was young, my life was an ocean'. Nice work on this one. Also I like that you laid out how you want each part sang. This could work well in many genres.