Save Me

Save Me

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Liner Notes: 

chopped up some parts of a vocal, pitched it, etc; added some other little blippy vocals, all on top of a track that hope makes you at least nod your head a bit.
as always, i know this should be mixed better, and i know some parts are kinda rough, but....i hope to polish some of these songs later.
i made the decision to use the vocal weirdness at about :20 sounded cool to me. Not sure how it'll hit your ears, but it just harkens back to the old days.
I don't know if any house heads are around, I'm not really one myself (because I don't listen to nearly enough old school house or any other at all to call myself that), but I hope I'm at least kinda bringing that sound.
If not, then oh well lol

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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I love the vocal manipulations. Sounds like a space age angel choir to me. The percussive bits work very well, but it's the vocals that make it seem so smooth.

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Some head nods yes, starting around 2:00. An intriguing mix and musical build.