Take Me Down

Take Me Down

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Liner Notes: 

found this sample of a bunch of people in a room clapping and whooping and carryin' on...
used it 3 ways - pitched and slowed down, slowed down only, and warped it.
used the guitar sample as a bed (wish I could play guitar)
made a minimal drum track, layered different parts to come in as the song progresses, doubled them.
then made the main drums to give some knock.
the end was just gonna be a fade with the clapping people, but I hit the piano and liked it, so I decided to end with piano and the beat.
Not the best piano playing, my hands seem to hate me or something today - too much caffeine I'm thinking.

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Another cool, slow burn. I think your decision on the piano on the outro was a very, very good one. It sounds very good to my ears. Good mix. You're knocking them out of the park this year.

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Nice chill beat. I could definitely see myself chilling out to this song. Nice work! Smile

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That is very chill. I like it a lot. You could easily rap over this or sing. It'd be super nice. Without vocals works great too, and would supply a great music bed for a collage or some kind of emotional movie scene. Very cool. I like that piano at the end too. It just sort of trails off and leaves you with a sense of it continuing a little.