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Liner Notes: 

This one didn't require any research at all, yay!


Book me a place at an airbnb
And book me a flight to the side of the sea
I want to be comfy,
I want to be free
I want to be reading my book

Book me a ship to some tropical isle
And book me a cabin alone by a mile
I want some relief please,
And I want some peace
I want to be reading my book

A book is a place you can go
That's not filled with the people you know
But I can't get there
While they're all still here
So book me a look at my book, dear

Book me a train to the middle of nowhere
And book me a cottage with roses that grow there
I won't fuss or fight
As long as there's light
So I can be reading my book

Don't book me in a hotel full of staff
That book it to you at each whimper or laugh
I don't want attention
I think I did mention
I want to be reading my book

A book is a place you can get
To be all by your lonesome, and yet
I can't climb inside
Much as I'd like to hide
So book me some time at the bookside
I want to be reading my book

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This is a really fantastic take on the skirmish Prompt! K am right there with you as you share this sentiment and wanting to travel! I love the different uses of the word book - from noun to verb!

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I really like the rhythm in your lyric and the "book me a" idea is excellent and very well implemented. You've got a damn fine lyric here.

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This is a very clever write! I love the idea of needing to book a vacation in order to find the time to read your book! I recall fun vacations where the best part was my reading materials! You really do a great job of painting the image for me of the various faraway places where you'll be able to read too! Nice work!

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I like how you used both meanings of the word book here. 'Book me a' as well as literary. 'Bookside' is that a new term? Love it!

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I like this take on "book"! Very clever!

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"book me a look at my book, dear" is such a splendid line.
This was a lot of fun to read!

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This is a great lyric. So focused but each verse takes us to a different place. It reminds me of a friend who's a travel writer. This could be her song. Very fine work.

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That is a very relatable lyric! Some great turns of phrase, too! Smile

Another really good lyric. Painting a great picture. I wanna be there!

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Excellent! The rhythm in the words lends itself to a lilting, easily-paced acoustic number. Cool take on the prompt, and ready-made for music.